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Our Curriculum Components

What do we offer?

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Communication, language and text

Outlook Academy offers more than five languages for your kids, of which two are included in the regular curriculum and one more available as an extracurricular activity.

Body, movement, food and health

Outlook offers a range of indoor and outdoor based activities with a focus on human body and healthy nutrition.

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Ideas in the brain

Art, culture and creativity

Our art's curriculum is heavily based on cultures around the world as breeding grounds for innovation. International projects from all over the world are used for this purpose including USA, Japan, India, Norway, Germany, Iran, China and Egypt. 


Nature, environment & technology

Our program enables the children to enjoy a variety of outdoor experiences and discover nature as an arena for play and learning while becoming familiar with technologies that support sustainability.  Hydroponic garden, astronomy club, fruit garden, AI-powered bird watching stations, blueberry patch, rain conservation stations and natural lawn are all tools that we use to enrich interaction between your child and nature while introducing science to this dynamic.

Quantities, spaces and shapes

Principles of math are a focus at the Outlook Academy and are taught using regular play/practices with quantities, shapes and spaces.

Shape activities for kids
Children philosophy activities
Ethics and Philosophy

"Can you be brave if you’re afraid? Why do we “know better” and do things anyway? What makes a family? Philosophers have wrestled with such questions for centuries. They are also the stuff of playground debates.

In our program, children develop skills of dialogue and critical thinking through increased selective attention, self-control, cognitive flexibility and perspective taking."

Local Community & Society

Community is an advanced concept that can be hard for kids to understand. Why? Because working together and helping others are concepts kids are just beginning to learn. Rather than just thinking about themselves, we teach kids community and social responsibility through various activities, strategies and fun projects.

Local community and society

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