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The Outlook is bright!

Thank you for your interest in our program that is soon to be yours!
Let's review the principles of our 
curriculum briefly.

A Wholesome Curriculum

The core philosophy of our early childhood education program is based on one of the most successful systems in the world in early childhood education and development as developed in Norway and referred to as The Framework Plan for the Content and Tasks of Kindergartens:

"The Framework Plan for the Content and Tasks of Kindergartens is a regulation to the Kindergarten Act. The Framework Plan states that the kindergarten content shall be comprehensive, varied and adapted to each individual child and the group of children. In kindergarten the children shall be able to play and explore their creativity, sense of wonder and inquisitiveness.  Kindergartens must work goal-oriented with children’s development and learning, and stimulate children’s communicative, linguistic and social competence. Childhood is a phase of life with intrinsic value, kindergartens must be inclusive fellowships with space for each child. The Framework Plan has seven learning areas that children should be acquainted with in kindergartens:

  • Communication, language and text

  • Body, movement, food and health

  • Art, culture and creativity

  • Nature, environment and technology

  • Quantities, spaces and shapes

  • Ethics and philosophy

  • Local community and society

The children shall develop knowledge and skill within all learning areas through exploration and creative activity. Kindergartens shall build on the children's enthusiasm and contributions so that the learning areas come to be seen as a meaningful and fun part of kindergarten life. It is a clear connection between the Framework Plan and the Curricula for Norwegian primary schools. The learning areas are to a great extent the same as children will meet again as subjects at school**."


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