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Hydroponic Garden

Hydroponics is a method for growing plants without using soil. The nutrients that plants need to grow are put into water and then delivered to the roots of the plants. Hydroponics Garden at Outlook offers a great opportunity for kids to learn about growing food, environment and water conservation. Your next salad will be made by vegetables that were grown by your child!


What will your children learn?

The Growth Cycle of a Plant

From germination, to seedlings, to vegetative growth, all the way to harvest – this Outlook program shows kids the full lifecycle of a plant.

By growing in a hydroponic environment, the “cloak” of using soil is removed – kids will learn how proper nutrition, water, and light help a plant to thrive.

No longer will food be something that just magically shows up on their plates. By growing edible leafy greens, your child will learn exactly what happens before the food they eat hits their mouths every meal.

If your child doesn’t like eating veggies, this is an especially good project for them…kids seem to “magically” want to eat lettuce and spinach after they grow it themselves. Funny how that works…


  • Giving kids a chance to build a relationship with nature.

  • Learn about the importance of responsible use of natural resources such as water.

  • Access to a  practical model for environmentally friendly practices.

  • Appreciating the efforts of that goes to make food available.  

Girl with tomato
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