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Our Staff

Finding Inspiration at Every Turn!

Patience, communication, and a love of young children are just a few of the qualities you'll see in our educators.

Preschool Class

Team Members

Outstanding Faculty

  • All lead educators hold minimum of a bachelor's degree.

  • Program leadership at Master's/PhD level

  • State certified, National certification in process (National Association for the Education of Young Children).

  • Scientific advisory board composed of experts.

Our team is made of educators who believe in & exercise the following values*:


Full of curiosity and excitement, and eager to learn, touch, and do, little kids can be impulsive and reactive. That’s why it’s so important for the adults in their lives to be patient, understanding, and calm. Outlook Academy teachers understand that the children in our care may not always grasp what’s appropriate. It’s up to us to teach them, show them the way and give them our undivided time and attention.



Passion and Expertise for Teaching

Teachers of all kinds step into the role because they just can’t imagine doing anything else, many of them say they were born to teach. Outlook Academy's educators are excited about the work and take seriously the responsibility of teaching young learners.


Love for Young Children

Little kids have individual needs. Some can’t tie their shoes or zip their

jackets or reason the way children even just a few years older can.

Our team knows if they are going to shape their future, they have

to love the age group and all the very different personalities wo do encounter.


​Caring and Compassion Children require nurturing, tenderness, and love. At Outlook Academy, we care about the whole person and understand the obstacles they might face, whether it’s a boo boo at play time, or a home life that’s less than perfect. Our warm and genuine approach to interpersonal relationships fosters trust and safety.




At Outlook Academy we begin each day with a fully formulated plan that is pliable based upon the needs of the students. These youngsters are still growing and developing and sometimes operate on their own schedules. It’s important to be a thoughtful and organized planner, but also be willing to pivot when the circumstances call for it.




Children have specific emotional needs. Our educators know how to empathize with their feelings, meditating the anxiety that comes with being away from home.




Teaching children requires mastery of age-appropriate arts and crafts, storytelling, exercise, and educational games. Our educators keep these subjects updated using an approximately 8000 page curriculum and try new activities to keep your children engaged.




Being well-organized will help young children to multitask, respond to competing needs at the same time, and have a structure in place that keeps things running smoothly. Our teachers use a variety of tools such as calendars, apps, and nationally trusted software to achieve this goal.



Communication Skills

Communication with children is an important task with a variety of research providing and evidence-based platform for it. It takes strong listening skills and the ability to articulate what you mean in a way that they’ll understand. Our educators receive the most cutting-edge research and information in this field from national and international resources and experts.




Outlook Academy's educational and administrative staff are fully dedicated to providing a stellar learning and growth environment for your beloved ones. Their mission is fully supported by the leadership of the center. We are honored to serve your future generation and appreciate your trust.


*Bluefield University (

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